Marshall Champion – One of Our Own

Michigan State Trout Unlimited honored Marshall Champion by awarding him the Order of the Grayling.

Marshall was a long time member of the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter.  He served as a member of the KVCTU Activities Committee and Membership Committees, in addition to serving as chairman of our Environmental Resources Committee and served for many years on the governing board of the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter.

He was instrumental in starting our chapter’s Youth Committee and was highly involved in the initial planning and implementation of the Youth Trout Camp.

Marshall represented the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter at multiple Trout Unlimited National Conservation Banquets as receiving the Member of the Year award from the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter.

Marshall Champion was an exemplary member of Trout Unlimited and he is dearly missed by the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter.

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