Augusta Creek Beaver Dam Removal

On a Saturday, late in October, a small crew from the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited (KVCTU) removed a major portion of a beaver dam on the Augusta Creek that was impounding several acres of riparian and agricultural land along the creek.  Augusta Creek is classified as a marginal coldwater stream, i.e. often too hot in summer months to support coldwater species.  There were several good reasons to remove the dam – all important to preserving cool/cold water in the creek: there were reports of dead fish in the pond above the dam, accumulation of black silt in shallow water raises water temperature, trees and vegetation that shade the streambed had died by suffocation – potentially contributing to the increase in water temperature, and the dam prevented migration of fish to spawning grounds.

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The Resource Committee of KVCTU has started to evaluate the geomorphic damage done by the dam and to develop plans for any required restoration work.

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