Ellen Beyerlein

Ellen Beyerlein received the Order of the Grayling from Michigan Trout Unlimited for 2013.

Ellen acted as liaison between the Governor’s office and Trout Unlimited.

She was a member of Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited through the 1990’s.

Ellen served as the Chairperson of Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited (now Michigan Trout Unlimited) from 1995 – 1997.  During her tenure she worked to strengthen the chapters through better communications between the chapters and also with the Council. 

During this time the Council took on Dam Re-licensing and Oil Drilling.

She hired MCTU’s first part time Executive Director.

Ellen served on the committee that established the job description for a full time Executive Director, and was part of the interviewing team that hired our first full time Executive Director.

Ellen was Kalamazoo Valley Chapter’s Member of the Year for 1995.

She served for many years as our Chapter Historian.

Ellen received the Order of the Caddis from MCTU in 1997.

Ellen was elected “Trout Queen” for the 1998 Kalkaska Trout Festival.


Members of KVCTU have many tales of Ellen’s abilities.  From her casting, to the numbers of fish she caught regardless of conditions, but mostly because of her ability to connect with people.