Fund Grant History

Since its inception, the Fund has awarded $61,080 in grants to 34 for projects in 11 states. The following table summarizes the research projects the Fund has supported since its inception (as of 2014).


Year       Award        KVCTU Disborough Fund Recipient, University, and Project

1991      $1,000     Avram Primack (Indiana): Aquatic insects and water quality

1992      $1,000     Trent Sutton (Mich. Tech): Amocoete feeding ecology

1993      $2,000     Gerold Grant (Minnesota): Trout species effects on microhabitat properties

1994      $585         Leon Hinz (Michigan): Temperature and potential effects on juvenile trout

              $585         Tammy Newcomb (MSU): Steelhead smolt production in the Betsie River

1996      $2,500      Douglas Novinger (Wyoming): Distribution of cutthroat and brook trout

1997      $2,000      Gregory Mackey (Washington): Factors affecting steelhead reproduction

              $1,000      Donald Uzarski (MSU): Community metabolism chamber studies

1998      $3,000      Dan Isaak (Wyoming): Survey and model watershed trout populations

1999      $2,500      Craig Roghair (Virginia Poly): Effects of debris flow on brook trout

2001      $3,500      Brian McRae (Michigan): Survival of Au Sable River young-of-year trout

2002      $3,000      Marcy Anderson (Virginia Poly): Brown trout in hydropeaking tailwater

2003      $2,660      Julie Zimmerman (Minnesota): Native/nonnative species interactions

2004      $2,500      Nicholas Basile (Cal. State): Distribution and density of brook trout

              $2,500      Joshua Lallaman (Mich. Tech.): Streams around the Keweenaw Peninsula

2005      $5,000      Tarita Harju (Utah State): New Zealand mud snails in the Green River

2006      $3,000      Matthew Breen (Grand Valley State U): Mottled sculpin habitats

              $2,000      Andrea Ania (MSU): Watershed rehabilitation and management

2007      $2,500      Julie Ryan (WMU): Microsporidian parasites and trout stream dynamics

              $1,300     Carla Serfas (NMU): Thyroid hormone effects on juvenile brook trout

              $1,000      Anne Timm (Virginia Tech): Stream crossings and brook trout genetics

2008      $2,400      Matthew Van Grinsven (Mich. Tech.): Coaster brook trout spawning needs

              $1,900      Kerryann Waco (MSU): Groundwater extraction effects on trout stream

2009      $2,900      Julie Ryan (WMU): Impact of sculpin disease on the freshwater community

2010      $1,500      Christy Meredith (Utah State):  Factors affecting brown trout distribution

2011      $1,000       William French (Minnesota): Winter trout growth and survival

              $500         Donald Denesi (NMU): Impacts of exotic salmonids on brook trout

              $500         Corrine Higley (MSU): Temperature effects on mayfly growth

2012      $1500       Rachael Guth (NMU): Habitat fragmentation effects on overwintering trout

              $1500       Anthony Matthys (Mich. Tech.): Fine sediments effects on habitat selection

2013      $1500       Anthony Matthys (Mich. Tech.): Trout-salmon social interactions

              $1000        Kara Cromwell (U W):Drivers and effects of mayfly epidemics           

 2014     $1250       Elizabeth Gulotty (MSU): Habitat Improvement on Au Sable North Branch

              $1000        Anna Harrison (UM):Influence of hyporheic zone benthic organisms in

                               contaminated sediments

2015      $961         Cheyenne Owens (CSU): Stocking Survival of hatchery cutthroat trout

              $1950       Carriane Pershyn (SUNY): Habitat requirements of wild brook trout

              $1368       Nicole Watson (CMU): Factors controlling diet of juvenile steelhead