KVCTU Needs You!

Most of the work Trout Unlimited gets accomplished is by volunteer leaders and members. People like you who love to fish and have
joined forces to protect and restore local waters. There are many ways you can help. You can get involved on stream projects, work
with committees or join the leadership.

We hope you will consider taking on the exciting and rewarding responsibility of playing an active role with the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter.

KVCTU Committees that regularly need assistance are:

Environmental Resources: John Keagle   jkeag@tds.net
Activities:  Jim Wellever   welleverj@gmail.com
Youth:  Alan Brooks   cas11206@gmail.com
Membership:  Dave Gunnell  dagunnell@yahoo.com
Banquet:  Emily Gundlach  emily.gundlach@gmail.com

If you would like to volunteer to help Kalamazoo Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited, please fill out the information listed below and we will have the appropriate individual contact you.  Thank you.